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Do It For The Gram: An Enneagram Podcast

An Enneagram Podcast by Enneagram Coach Milton Stewart, aimed for those who want to take personal growth and professional development to the next level!

Nov 5, 2021

Along your growth journey, it is a gift to have someone of your own Enneagram type to support and encourage you. Kathryn Grant is one of those people for me. She understands the type 7 inner journey and has supported me from the first time we met. Her first impression of me is really funny so you should listen to it. I can be quite interesting as a learner. Kathryn has great energy and incredible wit when she teaches and I love it so much.

In this episode, you'll learn about how the Enneagram found her in a hilarious story. Tons of humor and wit in this episode. We explore some fascinating places she is currently studying around growth and the Enneagram.


KCEP Cohort #3 Starts January 13th

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